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    Martinsburg WV Home Inspection 

    When you want a home inspection, you can’t go wrong with Chase Rogers Home Inspection LLC. We are a  certified, professional company that specializes in performing inspections of all types of residential properties. We are able to give you an accurate report on the state of your property. Our professionals will also be able to tell you if your house is structurally sound. If you’re worried about the safety of your home, you can trust our company’s recommendations.

    We service the entire WV Panhandle region, including the following areas:

    • Martinsburg
    • Inwood
    • Hedgesville
    • Falling Waters
    • Charles Town
    • Harpers Ferry
    • Shepherdstown
    • Ranson
    • Berkeley Springs
    • Paw Paw
    • Great Cacapon
    • Romney
    • Capon Bridge 
    • Springfield
    • Augusta
    • Moorefield
    • Wardensville
    • Mathias
    • Baker
    Inviting new construction home waiting to be inspected in the Martinsburg, WV area. The home is actually located near Springs Mills, WV (a fast growing area north of Martisnburg)


    Home Inspectors Near Me Martinsburg WV

    Whether you are looking to buy a new home or selling your existing home we can help.  We offer home inspection, new construction (pre-drywall) inspection services, pre-listing (seller’s) inspection service.  In addition, we can help with radon testing and termite inspection services.

    Our team members were born and raised in the WV panhandle area.  You will not be working with people that are from out-of-state, that don’t know the area.  We love WV and all of the fun things it has to offer.

    Our team has years of experience working with real estate agents, home buyers, and home sellers alike.  We look forward to helping you make an educated decision to find your dream home.

    Martinsburg WV Termite Inspection

    In Martinsburg, WV, our homes are part of a beautiful community, but they’re also on the menu for tiny critters called termites. These little bugs love to snack on wood, and without us noticing, they can turn our homes into their dinner, causing lots of damage. That’s where termite inspections come into play. Experts, like the team at Chase Rogers Home Inspections, use their detective skills to find and stop termites in their tracks, ensuring our homes stay safe and sound.

    Termite inspections are super important in Martinsburg because of our wood-built homes and the weather that termites love. These inspections are like a health check-up for our houses, looking for signs of termite feasts, such as tiny holes in wood or little sawdust piles. It’s a way to catch these tiny invaders early on, preventing them from causing big problems down the line.

    By having regular termite inspections, we’re not just protecting our homes; we’re keeping our community strong. The experts who conduct these inspections are like our local superheroes, armed with knowledge and tools to safeguard our homes from the termite villains. So, let’s remember, keeping our homes termite-free is a key part of maintaining a happy and healthy living environment for everyone in Martinsburg, WV.


    Home Mold Testing Martinsburg WV

    In Martinsburg, WV, there’s something super important for our homes called home mold testing. Imagine tiny, invisible invaders that can sneak into our homes without a knock on the door. These aren’t aliens; they’re called mold! Mold loves places that are wet and doesn’t get much sunlight, like basements or bathrooms that aren’t dried well. When mold moves in, it can make the air yucky to breathe and cause problems for our homes and health. That’s why keeping an eye out for mold is like being a detective, making sure our homes are safe and happy places to live.

    Home mold testing in Martinsburg, WV, is like going on a treasure hunt, except we’re searching for mold, not gold. Specialists, like the team at Chase Rogers Home Inspections, use their special tools and knowledge to find out if mold is hiding in our homes. They look in all the sneaky places mold likes to hang out and then tell us how we can make it go away. It’s really important because catching mold early can save us from big problems later, like having to fix parts of our house or feeling sick from the moldy air.

    Keeping our homes mold-free is a big deal in Martinsburg, WV. By doing home mold testing, we make sure our houses are places where we can play, sleep, and live without worrying about mold making us sick or eating away at our homes. It’s like having a superhero team that fights off the mold monsters, keeping everyone in the house healthy and happy. So, remember, home mold testing isn’t just a grown-up thing; it’s a way to keep our homes safe and sound for everyone!

     Radon Inspector Martinsburg WV

    In Martinsburg, WV, there’s a superhero team that doesn’t wear capes but carries special gadgets to protect our homes. They’re called radon inspectors, and their mission is to find and fight an invisible enemy named radon. Radon is a sneaky gas that comes from the ground and can get into our houses without any smell or color to warn us. Even though we can’t see or smell it, radon can make the air inside our homes not safe to breathe over a long time. That’s why it’s super important to know if radon is trying to crash at our place.

    Radon inspectors in Martinsburg, WV, are like detectives with a mission to keep us safe. They use their special tools to check if radon is hiding in our homes. If they find radon, they don’t just leave us to deal with it alone. Instead, they help us figure out the best way to make our homes safe again. This might mean fixing up our houses so radon can’t sneak in anymore. It’s a big deal because keeping radon out means we’re keeping our families healthy and our homes safe.

    Having a radon inspector check out our homes in Martinsburg, WV, is a smart move. It’s like having a health check-up but for our house. It helps us breathe easy, knowing our home is a safe place to play, learn, and sleep. So, remember, radon inspectors are our allies in the fight to keep our homes healthy. By teaming up with them, we make sure our homes are the best they can be, free from invisible dangers like radon.