What is the process for hiring a charles town home inspector?

This position performs engineering work that consists of field inspections during construction, remodeling, and repair. After construction is complete, ask your inspector to check the house with the builder a few days before your last tour. The inspector is trained to recognize details that escape the untrained eye. Add these issues to your final list and don’t pass on the balance payment until each issue is resolved.

If you’re buying an old house that’s worn out by time and climate, it’s a piece of cake to hire a home inspector to check what condition it is in before you commit to buying. An inspector not only ensures that the house and systems are in order, but if you accompany him on his tours, he’ll also teach you how to operate and maintain your new home. If you’re not involved in the construction process and buy a special home after it’s completed, add a home inspection contingency to your sales contract and hire an inspector to check the property before it’s completed.

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